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Food Styling & Food Photography Workshop||Puglia, Italy||October ’15

I Am Peonies

Stinging Nettles & Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Five Days in Tulum (is never enough)

Early Spring Breakfast: Soft Eggs and Cortez Bottarga

Mai Chai

Rhubarb Jam: An iphoneography Pictorial

Pulling Mussels

Spring, Shoots, and Leaves: Seasonal Styling With Photographer Clarissa Westmeyer

Test shoot: Carrots

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  • I’m Guest Blogging at The Nourished Kitchen

    Mama Jenny has been gracious enough to let me chime in at her fabulous,The Nourished Kitchen, a blog dedicated to the celebration of whole, real foods. I invite you to come read about my own seasonal savior and discover how you can naturally ease away those winter blues. Okay, the solution is not a chaise under a palm tree next to caribbean waters sipping your way through a tray of margaritas that was hand-delivered by a tanned muscular  beach boy, but then, what is?

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